Saturday, 10 December 2016

Destruction of Worlds

Destruction of Worlds
Prompts for this week's challenge on Delightful Aberrations included post and planet, which are the two prompts I picked up and ran with.

...or I would have run with them, if I hadn't spent the week with a cold.

So rather than take any new photographs for this week's challenge, I created a new image by combining some photos that I took earlier in the year.

I decided to interpret the 'post' prompt as being the word in it's prefix form, meaning 'after'. Combining it with the 'planet' prompt got me 'post-planet' and the result of my tinkering in Photoshop Elements was this--a constructed image portraying the end of a planet in a broken universe.

...huh, maybe next week I'll make something more cheerful!

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  1. This looks like something out of a science fiction story - like when there's a tear in the universe and you get to see through the rip into the dimension on the other side or something like that. But then, the orangey red bit also reminds me of Mars, but a little of amber too. The Amber Planet is being formed in a space-time tear! (Yeah, I'm going to leave now, haha)