Thursday, 8 December 2016

Public Disorder with Invisible Friends

Continuing from last week's americas theme, this time around I'm looking to South America, with two new-to-me musical acts from Venezuela!

Los Amigos Invisibles
Active since 1991 with their first album released in 1995, four-piece band Los Amigos Invisibles have been active worldwide, having performed in almost 60 countries.
Their musical style is something of a combination of acid jazz and disco, though there's definitely something of a Latin twist in their sound.
Though I couldn't understand 99% of the lyrics (they're in Spanish, and my knowledge of the language is severely limited!) once again the internet provides translations, and even without them, the songs are enjoyable and catchy!
With a lighthearted, smooth sound to their music, this band is really easy to listen to.
Los Amigos Invisibles Official Website

Desorden Público
Formed in 1985, Desorden Público is a ska band that mixes rock, reggae and Latin into their sound.
Some of their songs are said to comment on politics and society within Venezuela and Latin America, though as before, I can't understand them without looking up a translation due to my non-existent Spanish skills!
Desorden Público's music is interesting to listen to, because some of their songs sound a lot more ska-like, whilst others have more of a Latin rock sound. Their music is lively and sounds fun!
Desorden Público Official Website (Spanish)

Were I learning Spanish, I'd probably listen to bands like these two for practise! Though listening in itself seems like a good reason to learn more Spanish. I started through various self-study means, but can't roll my R's and kept hitting the proverbial wall. Maybe I should think about learning some more (...alongside everything else I have languishing unstudied on Duolingo...)
Until then, I'll just listen to some more music! Onward to next week!

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