Saturday, 31 December 2016

Colouring In

Last week, I didn't have time to participate in the theme challenge at Delightful Aberrations.
However, the prompts were rolled over to this week, with the addition of five more!

So I've stuck with last week's prompt lip (with the prompt write included, kind of) for this image.
I may yet produce something for one or two of this week's new prompts, but shall have to see.

This time around, the image is a combination of photography and intense amounts of photoshopping! I wanted to give the effect of a pair of lips that are in the process of being coloured in to look 'realistic'.

Not as keen on this resulting image as some of my pictures from previous weeks, but this is better than a blank page!

1 comment:

  1. The way this has ended up looking like a painting/illustration is cool. It kind of reminds me of those 80's music videos that used that kind of style (I don't mean that as a negative thing!). Plus red, black & white as a colour palette is always gorgeous IMO. :)