Thursday, 15 December 2016

Made in China

We all know a lot of products are Made in China these days, but what about Chinese music?
This week, it was China that I looked to for my two new-to-me musical acts!

Formed in Beijing in 2005, this indie rock band have become well-known in their home country.
Their songs are performed in a mixture of Mandarin and English, with an often aggressive, sometimes much softer tone to the vocals. It's interesting to hear songs sung in Mandarin, what with it being a tonal language.
The band clearly have a lot of musical influences, since their sound leaps between that of 80s alternative rock, 60s pop-rock and 00s indie!
The music is pretty catchy and is the sort of thing that has to be played loud to get the full effect.
Give them a try!
Hedgehog Official Website

Carsick Cars
Another indie rock group, Carsick Cars formed in the same city and year as Hedgehog, with their first album released two years later.
They have been through several lineup changes, and the band currently stands at three members.
Another band that performs both in Chinese and in English, Carsick Cars have a lot more of a laid-back sound. The tracks I heard seemed a little repetitive, though they are definitely the kind of band to chill out and relax to.
Carsick Cars Official Website

That's my new-to-me listening for this week! You can see all the acts I've listened to for this challenge by looking at my music challenge tag!

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