Monday, 22 December 2014

God, Excess, and Mrs Flanders

Alright, so this month, I nearly struggled with this goal...
050. Read 3 books per month for 1 year
I wanted to read The Hobbit but decided I didn't have time. Instead, I read these...

Moll Flanders - Daniel Defoe (4/5)
I read this years ago and it took me ages! This time around I got through it in less than a week.
Set in the 17th century, this book is written in the first person, presented as though the story is being told by the main character, who came to be known as 'Moll Flanders'. Despite her life of debauchery and crime, she is a likeable character. The book doesn't set out excuses for the events within, but it does explain how they happened.
The story flows nicely without any long tangents or side notes, so it was difficult to put down!

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald (4/5)
When I bought this book, it was because it looked short and because there's a film adaptation I'd like to eventually see.
Through the narration it's easy to imagine the voices of the characters. The book proved to be a great snapshot of life in 1920's America, particularly among the rich. I enjoyed it much more than I expected I would, and more or less read it cover to cover.

Manual of the Warrior of Light - Paulo Coelho (4/5)
This book contains a number of spiritual and philosophical thoughts about the ways of the 'warrior of light'. The main section of the book is sandwiched between two short pieces about a boy (then a man) and a veiled lady, who tells the man of the thoughts presented through the bulk of the book.
I read this from start to finish, though it is perhaps a book better read by opening it at a random page and finding inspiration in the words there.
Usually with Coelho's work, I sit with a pen and a notebook and jot down lines that I like, but in this case that would have been most of the book!
Here's one line that particularly struck a chord with me (and I remembered the page number)

In order to have faith in his own path, he does not need to prove that someone else's path is wrong.

As per usual all books have been rated out of 4 according to how much I enjoyed them. This month was an all-round 4/5! 
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