Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ethnic Folk

Sticking with the 'pick a country, any country' formula for this week's new-to-me artists.
This time around, I've been listening to two acts from Armenia!

Inga & Anush Arshakyan
Also known as the Arshakyan Sisters, this folk duo have been active since 2000.
Compared to other folk acts I've heard, this one makes music that is, on the whole, a lot more upbeat! (The exception to this, as far as I saw, was one that looks like it's about the Armenian genocide, which obviously isn't something to be happy about).
Overall, their music videos are energetic, colourful and fun, filmed in interesting locations and filled with dancing and traditional themes.
I liked listening to this act, and loved the harmonies in their music. Worth giving them a listen!
Inga & Anush Arshakyan on Facebook

The Bambir
So, finding information on this act turned out to be a headache, because Wikipedia tells me The Bambir is an act formed in 1994, separate but connected to an act started in 1978 named simply Bambir...whilst their website claims it's all the same act, only The Bambir is made up of the sons of the original members of Bambir.
And if that isn't befuddling to the common observer, I don't know what is.
Band history aside, this four-piece progressive-ethnic-rock act have a really traditional edge to their music, which I liked hearing. It certainly makes them stand out!
Their videos depict the members playing together, usually in a circle, in various settings, which gives the recordings a more natural, intimate feel.
I liked many aspects of this band's music, though it isn't the kind of music I'd often listen to.
Still, if you're reading this, try them out--you might find you like it!
The Bambir Official Website

That's it for this week! These two acts bring my total of new-to-me acts listened to for this challenge to eighty!

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  1. Both of these artists sound good from these songs, so I'm going to check out more of their music. On first impressions, I like the first group more. But the second song you posted reminded me of parts of certain songs by System of a Down who, interestingly enough, happen to have members who are originally from Armenia and Lebanon. (I like SOAD by the way). So thank you for these! :)