Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Top 5 Best Chocolate Bars


At the beginning of the year, I completed a goal from The List:
064: Eat 50 different chocolates
It took a while, since I started it in May 2014 and finished in January of this year!

Since it all feels far away now, here are my Top Five Chocolate Bars of the fifty I tried.

5. Montezuma's Open Sesame
Slightly crunchy, with an easter egg chocolate kind of taste!

4. Rococo Chocolates Chilli Pepper 'Bee Bar'
Great quality chocolate and a subtle chilli taste that builds with each bite!

3. Kernow Chocolates Caramel Sea Salt
Soft, caramel flavoured chocolate with a saltiness that balances out the sweetness!

2. Waitrose Seriously Nutty Pistachio, Hazelnut & Almond Milk Chocolate 
Satisfying chocolate with tiny bits of nut for that extra crunch! 

1. Vanini Dark Chocolate with Rosemary 
A chocolate bar with a really surprising flavour; not only was it delicious but it evoked a feeling of a warm kitchen on a cold day, and home-cooked food fresh from the oven.
It's rare for a chocolate bar to cause a feeling like that, therefore it's my number one bar!

Vegan pick: 
Moo Free Mini Moos: Lily-Lu's Minty Moo
Tasty vegan chocolate with mint!

Sugar Free pick:
Klingele Chocolate: Balance Milk Praline
Smooth and flavoursome chocolate. Hard to believe it was sugar free!

Honorable Mention: (because 'top 5' wasn't enough)
Pana Chocolate Fig & Wild Orange
Soft and flavoursome raw 70% cocoa organic chocolate with no added sugar and amazing flavour.

That's it! I'm done with chocolate!
Of course, I'll still eat chocolate, but this is probably the last you'll read of it on here. I'll be going back to naughty, more run of the mill treats like Double Deckers, Wispas, and Lidl's version of Twix ;)

Check my chocolate tag for all chocolate tried for this goal!

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