Monday, 3 October 2016

Working With Hands

Men At Work

Usually, I try to take photos for the theme challenge on Delightful Aberrations.
But after skipping last week (no time) and having no ideas for photography this week, I decided to break with tradition and draw something this time around!

I used the prompts record and site, and practised drawing a hand in the process (because I still can't draw hands...)

Though I drew this in a different notebook, I may cut it out and stick it into the sketchbook I bought for Goal 01:
001. Fill a sketchbook with artwork/studies of only one subject
Though I haven't written about this goal much, it's one I started a while ago!

It's actually been an ashamedly long time since I attempted to draw any, but here are a few I've drawn using photos from Google image search as a reference:



I found that I like drawing with biro. If I make a mistake (which I have done in Every Single Picture) I can fix/hide it, rather than rub out part of my work and spend hours redrawing the same line over and over until I get it 'right'.

Of course, drawing from a reference picture is much easier than drawing in other styles. Am absolutely not sharing my halfassed hand-doodles today!

...this post was meant to be for the theme challenge, but ended up being more about goal 01. Oh well!

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  1. I thought I had commented on this before, but apparently not (thanks memory!). The theme challenge picture was good! Not sure if it was intentional, but I like the way that the little bits of dirt being thrown out of the hole look like an unhappy face lol.

    It seems like your hand drawing practise is paying off, judging by the sketches below! (Obligatory One Punch, haha)