Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Guilty Pleasures

It's been a couple of months since I last wrote about any films I've watched, and I got distracted by Other Things about halfway through this list, and left it a month before watching any more!
...And then I watched about seven films in a week, bumping my watched films list to over 80.
But since my aim was to write about them ten at a time, here's films 71-80.

71. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)
Genre: Adventure/Comedy/Drama
In a Word: Adventurous!
In a Sentence: In attempt to save his job, the cautious and imaginative Walter Mitty goes on a journey across the globe and gets a lot more than he bargained for.
Recommended: If you like feel-good movies about people coming into their own.

72. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
Genre: Action/Adventure/Scifi
In a Word: Transformational
In a Sentence: Desperate to join the war effort, weak and unhealthy Steve Rogers participates in an experiment that turns him into Captain America: agile, super-strong, and the only one who can take down a terrorist organisation.
Recommended: If you like comic book adaptations

73. The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Genre: Action/Adventure/Scifi
In a Word: Smash.
In a Sentence: Bruce Banner is a fugitive from the US government, trying to find a cure for the monster he becomes when he gets angry--only to run into problems when an enemy appears who is an even bigger, stronger threat. 
Recommended: For those wanting something to watch over a TV dinner!

74. The Ghost Train (1941)
Genre: Comedy/Horror
In a Word: Mysterious
In a Sentence: When a group of passengers are stranded overnight at a remote train station, the station master tells them of the ghost train that passes through on the unused platform--but things are not entirely as they seem.
Recommended: If you like unpredictable old movies

75. Avengers Assemble (2012)
Genre: Action/Adventure/Scifi
In a Word: Heroic
In a Sentence: With Loki threatening the future of the human race, the Avengers, earth's mightiest heroes, set out to stop him.
Recommended: If you like cheesy action movies.

76. Blade Runner (1982)
Genre: Scifi/Thriller
In a Word: Mind-blowing
In a Sentence: After a group of four dangerous 'replicants' (humanoid androids) commandeer a ship to take them to Earth, it's up to a blade runner, Deckard, to seek and destroy them.
Recommended: For those wanting great storyline and thought-provoking scripts.

77. Superbad (2007)
Genre: Comedy
In a Word: Alcoholic
In a Sentence: Coming to the end of their high school days, best friends Seth and Evan look to make their schooldays end with a bang by taking alcohol to a party, but their plans don't turn out as straightforward as they thought...
Recommended: If you like silly coming-of-age type teen movies

78. The Transporter (2002)
Genre: Action/Thriller
In a Word: Explosive
In a Sentence: A 'transporter' who delivers mysterious packages to unknown clients, Frank Martin runs into complications when one of his packages starts moving.
Recommended: For anyone that enjoys films with lots of fight scenes and explosions and a relatively straightforward plot.

79. Transporter 2 (2005)
Genre: Action/Thriller
In a Word: Explosiver
In a Sentence: Frank Martin is back, and this time has to prove his innocence after he's implicated in the kidnapping of a child--and prevent a plot to release a deadly virus into the world.
Recommended: Again, if you like fight scenes and explosions and plots that are easy to follow.

80. Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
In a Word: Mad
In a Sentence: Alice returns to Underland, and has to travel back through time in order to help her friend the Mad Hatter, all whilst escaping the clutches of the Red Queen and Time himself.
Recommended: If you liked the first film!

As I noted at the beginning of this post, I'm already past 80 films for my '100 films' goal. The next post will contain some more cheesy action/scifi, and comic book adaptations, because cheesy action films are my guilty pleasure!

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