Thursday, 11 February 2016

Indie Folk from the US of A!

Alright, so I'd really hoped to have had something else to blog about between music posts this week, but for the most part I've been inside, and my mood has been pretty low (boooo) so more music it is!

Maybe soon I will have Done Something soon, and can then blog about it here!

For the time being, here's some music.

This week, I ended up listening to two American indie folk bands...

Fleet Foxes
I think I heard about this band through Random Googling. Some of their music has a bit of a retro sound to it, and overall it calls up memories of long ccar journeys through the countryside. Their songs are pretty relaxing to listen to, and have nice lyrics.

Bon Iver
YouTube suggested this band to me when I was listening to Fleet Foxes, so I decided to check them out afterwards. One thing to note is the beautiful scenery in their videos. The lyrics aren't so clear - I had to crank the volume up - but the vocalist has a really calming voice! I can imagine listening to their music on one of those quiet spring days, when the rain is falling, and just chilling out to it.

Am noticing a lack of music from certain parts of the world on my 'listen to' list--Africa, Central/Latin/South America, the Middle East, and Asia (except for Japan and South Korea; have plenty of suggestions from those countries!)
So if anyone knows of acts from these places - any genre or era - please tell me so I can give them a listen!

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  1. I know this still counts bands from North America, not Central America, but I really like the music of Hocico and Dulce Liquido, who both come from Mexico (DL is the solo project of the guy who does the programming/synths for Hocico). Hocico do electro-industrial and Dulce Liquido does sort of dark electro/noise stuff. Not sure they'll be your sort of thing, mainly because of the vocal styles (though some of DL's stuff is instrumental), but I thought I'd suggest them anyway!

    Bienvenido A La Maldad
    Odio Bajo El Alma (the live version of this song sounds really awesome, but this version is good too!)
    Tiempos De Furia

    Official Site

    Dulce Liquido
    Love or die
    Enfermo Mental
    The Dark Taste of Hate

    Official Site

    I also like Rabia Sorda, who are also from Mexico & who share a vocalist with Hocico. Their music goes from electro-industrial to post-punk to hard rock kind of stuff, but you might like them a bit more because their vocals are quite different to first two I suggested (less "shouty" sometimes, though not in two of the PVs I've linked you to below, haha).

    Rabia Sorda - Burning House
    Heart Eating Crows
    Obey Me! (Promises Of Monsters)

    Official Site

    If I suggested them before, sorry! I lose track, haha.

    From a completely different continent & genre, I'd also like to suggest ElisaBat Muse, if you haven't heard her before (I know I've mentioned her before lol). Her debut album was amazing! But again, she's not from the continents you asked for, since she's from Russia.

    Official Site (You can hear her music/see video clips there if you want to :) )