Monday, 22 February 2016

The New Immortals

The New Immortals
At the weekend, a school friend and I went to a new exhibition in Brighton, called The New Immortals.
The exhibition, held at the Phoenix Brighton gallery, includes the work of ten artists  who explore "ideas about immortality in an age of scientific miracles".

I didn't take any photos in the exhibition, but the flyer I picked up depicts a portion of work by one of the included artists.
Part of the exhibition involved a lot of shrunken apple cores! Anyone who has watched Death Note will understand why I found this entertaining...
Ryuuk, a 'death god', from the anime Death Note.
He likes apples.
(Note: Not my gif.)
I've passed this gallery several times but never been in before this exhibition. Phoenix Brighton is a nice-sized space!
As for the exhibition itself, despite thinking the concept interesting, I didn't get a lot out of it. I was expecting more medical/science content, I think.
I did like the apples, anyway!

Phoenix Brighton Gallery.
I like the big orange arrow!
I might even go back for another look if I get the chance. I wonder if I didn't enjoy it so much due to tiredness, and my previous mad dash through the town to meet with my friend!

It's a free exhibition, and if you're in Brighton it's worth attending.

The exhibition is on until 20th March. For more information (and pictures!) see Phoenix Brighton's website.

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