Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Italian Kitchen

Whilst reviewing my progress on The List, I realised that I haven't posted about one of the new places I've eaten at!

The restaurant in question is Italian Kitchen, which is located in Churchill Square, Brighton. Mum and I stopped in there for lunch sometime before Christmas. My brain was in a Christmas Shopping Coma and I was exhausted and starving - those seasonal crowds are hard work! - I didn't think to take any pictures.

It bothers me to post this without pictures, so here is my 'artist's impression' of my food:

My art skills do not do the  yumminess justice!
Imagine this:
A dish filled with piping-hot lasagna, the pasta perfectly soft, the meat tender, the sauce flavoursome. The dish is topped with melted mozzarella, all stretchy and delicious. And of course there is garlic bread.
To the side sits a huge cup of tea, steam curling gently upwards from its surface, brewed to just the right strength to revive and comfort.

Are you salivating yet?
Can you tell that I'm writing this at lunch time?

I felt really spoilt for choice at Italian Kitchen, as their menu offers everything from light bites to main meals, and also has a selection of cakes. Drink-wise, along with water, soft drinks and hot beverages, they also offer wine. Well, it is Italian.

My sole gripe is that the environment is quite noisy there, and being half-deaf I found it difficult to have a conversation. But the food more than made up for it, and conversation wasn't too high on our agenda--we were too busy eating!

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