Thursday, 18 February 2016

Music to Look At

I'm several weeks into this music goal on The List now, and unusually got this week's listening done over the weekend!

As a quick reminder, this is what the goal is about:
029. Listen to 2 new musical acts every week for 1 year
(That's acts that are new to me)

The artists I listened to this week not only had a great sound, but also interesting music videos!

Natacha Atlas
This was an artist suggested by my friend Sara. Natacha Atlas' music is a fusion of Western and Arabic sound, with an electronic twist. Her music is really catchy and her music videos often seem to have some kind of narrative to them. I quite liked the songs I've listened to so far, and will seek out more!
Natacha Atlas Official Website

Merlin Moon
I guess the best way to describe this artist's music is 'psychedelic' or - to use a term once seen on - 'stoner rock'. The songs I found on YouTube had a really dreamy, spacey sound to them, with anthemy lyrics. The music videos are kind of trippy, too.
Merlin Moon Official Website

That's it for another week, though my list of artists to listen to is still fairly long. Despite that, I am still looking for suggestions! :)

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