Thursday, 4 February 2016

Japan to Sweden in Two Songs

Looking back over my last few posts, all I've written about recently is music! In fact, looking back over the past month I haven't really 'done' anything, have I?

At least listening to all these artists is working towards a goal from The List...
029. Listen to 2 new musical acts every week for 1 year
 This week, I'm actually updating in time! So here are the acts I listened to for the first time this week...

Japanese Rock
I heard this band through First Down Records' Bandcamp, as their song last note features on the omnibus mini-album denki monologue 9. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything other than a short ad for their first single on YouTube, so if you want to get a good idea of how they sound, I'd suggest checking out the song on Bandcamp!
aegnoir (pronounced ig-no-a, apparently) sound like a combination of a few other Japanese rock bands I've heard. The music isn't entirely to my taste, though there's nothing wrong with it, and I'd say that if you like Japanese rock music, it's worth checking this act out! (If you head to the bandcamp page, I totally recommend Antikythera too, which is the project of aegnoir's guitarist)
aegnoir Official Website

Then Comes Silence
Swedish Goth
Alright, so to call this band's music 'goth' is too limiting, really! Though there is a definite goth sound to their music, it comes with a bit of a psychedelic twist. Their music videos are made from the strangest dreams, the ones that border on nightmares. All in all they sound like a combination of the good goth bands of the past, with a modern, slightly metal twang lurking at the edges.
This act are also on Bandcamp and there are a fair few music videos on YouTube too. The one linked above, for the song Spinning Faster, is the first I watched, and a favourite.
Then Comes Silence Facebook

So that's this week's two bands! I have a list of other acts to check out, but am always looking for more suggestions!


  1. Then Comes Silence seem really good from what I listened to so far (I went to the Bandcamp link as well). Thank you for suggesting them, as I'd not heard of them before you mentioned them here! :)

    1. And another, from Italy this time, The Frozen Autumn:

      Is Everything Real?

      (BTW, I'm just suggesting all these artists because I want to. I don't expect you to write about, like, or even listen to all/most of them. There's so much music out there, after all! :) )