Thursday, 25 February 2016

Pirate Hearts and Gold Zebras

For this week's selection of music, I took a virtual trip across the pond and listened to two French-Canadian acts, both of which I found out about through friends.

Coeur De Pirate
This singer-songwriter performs both in French and English, so I only understood some of the songs I listened to (I learnt French for a few years in school, but whilst I recognised some of the words, I didn't remember what they meant!) but despite that, the one I linked above - all in French - is my favourite so far! Coeur De Pirate's music videos are mostly straightforward yet with an arty edge, sometimes involving an element of dance. I enjoyed listening to her music and will definitely be listening to more in future.
Coeur De Pirate Official Website

Another act - this time a synthpop/electro group - that performs in both French and English. Their songs are dreamlike, with hypnotic music and languid vocals. As for their music videos, they have a wonderfully surreal quality and just the right amount of darkness, which is awesome!

Both acts I wrote about here have music on bandcamp, which you can find through the official pages I have linked. Do check them out, and if you like what you hear, consider buying some of their music!

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  1. I'd not heard Coeur De Pirate before but I like her voice a lot! (Also, when watching the video I kept thinking "she really reminds me of Billie Piper" lol).

    Love Gold Zebra (obviously ;D) but hadn't seen that PV before, so thank you for posting it!