Saturday, 9 April 2016



Amongst the prompts on Delightful Aberrations this week was the word edge, which I was instantly inspired by!

I would have liked to have proper 'tiny people' for this, but as I have yet to learn how to plan these things, I ended up with a tiny blu-tack man (who has since been returned to the giant glob of blu-tack from whence he came).

Since I didn't think my mum would take kindly to me sticking blu-tack on her kitchen knives, I used a knife-like letter opener instead.

The little man was super-bendy and somewhat unsteady, so I had to shoot fast before he fell over--the image above is actually a bit of a happy accident as he was dangling somewhat precariously on the edge of the blade!

Here are a couple of extra shots that I played around with:


Note to self: pay more attention to backgrounds!


Just in case photos of a blu-tack man on the edge of a blade left you reeling with vertigo, here he is on solid, flat desk land:


I think he's pretty satisfied with his adventure!

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  1. These are are really fun images :D Mr. Blu-tack looks like he's cheekily sticking his tongue out in the first one - I love it, haha!

    Wasn't sure if you wanted all of them included on DA or just the first, so I've put up the first as an image, with a link at the end linking to the whole set in this entry. But if you wanted them all posted, let me know :)