Monday, 25 April 2016

What's On Your Mind?

What's On Your Mind?

Once again I'm posting my submissions for Delightful Aberrations' photo challenge at the very last minute. See how much I win at being organised?

For week 5, the prompt x-ray caught my attention immediately...and I proceeded to procrastinate all week (admittedly, my slowness wasn't about putting it off so much as being absent-minded!)

This week I've ended up with two pictures: the one above, which is a single shot, and the one below, which is a composite of two photographs:

I See What You're Thinking
I really intended to get these pictures done earlier in the week, but that didn't happen again. I don't know where my brain is lately (at least the scans proved I have one!)
Thanks to mum for being my model this time!

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  1. These are great! The first one looks like some kind of alien because you can't see the mouth on the scan. :D I also love the way you've lined up the second one perfectly. It looks like the picture (both combined) is coming up on an imaging screen.