Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What to do When the Queue at the Cafe is Huge

...you saunter past the huge queue and head for the coffee bar, that's what you do.
And that's what my middle sister and I did, when we went into South Downs Nurseries for lunch, only to find the line for the cafe went all the way to the door.
Which might not sound that long, but the cafe is situated in a huge, new building at the garden centre, which also houses the South Downs Heritage Centre and Sussex Food Hall, where visitors can buy local produce and work by local artisans, view a number of old lawnmowers, or even take a crafting class!

Of course, my sister and I had gone there with the intention of eating cake, so we were glad to find Chloe's Coffee Bar tucked in the corner, apparently forgotten by the people queueing for the cafe.
I don't know why it was forgotten, because for a drink and a snack (they had cakes and savoury food) it's a great place to go!
I had a slice of chocolate praline cake, which was delicious, and a massive cup of tea! My sister had a bottle of traditional lemon juice and salted caramel cake, which according to her was also good!

The place started to fill up whilst we were finishing our food. It's a nice little place, and whilst it's within the huge hall that comprises the heritage centre, it feels cosy and private due to the display cases that are set alongside the tables, sectioning them off from the rest of the floor space. (They also mean you can do a bit of shopping whilst sitting with your tea and cake!)

If I happen to be in the garden centre again, I know where to head!

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