Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Self-Indulgent Japanese

Pulled pork steamed gyoza
On Saturday, I ended up at Wagamama in Horsham with my friend Sara (who bought me food as a birthday treat, my birthday being this Friday! Thank you Sara!)

Tori kara age
I'd never eaten at Wagamama before, so we totally pigged out on tasty things. I went with Sara's recommendations on sides because looking at the menu I was completely spoilt for choice.
I'm not even kidding. I wanted to eat all the gyoza.  It all sounded so good!
The pulled pork steamed gyoza was actually a lot nicer than I expected, and when the tori kara age (crispy chicken) arrived at the table, the waiter suggested squeezing the lime into the dipping sauce, which made a really tasty combination of flavours!

Chicken ramen
When it came to the main course, I plumped for chicken ramen. This was another first for me, as I've never actually had proper ramen before. It was great to eat it as it's meant to be, rather than simply eating packs of 3 minute ramen noodles from the Asian supermarket.
Ramen is tasty and filling, especially when eaten alongside gyoza and tori kara age.
But I said we were there to pig out, right?
So of course we had dessert.

Raspberry mochi ice cream
The raspberry mochi ice cream was a great way to finish off the meal, because it was refreshing! Eating it was an interesting experience, as it's chewy on the outside but soft ice cream on the inside. Nevertheless, it was tasty!

Would definitely go to Wagamama again, though would probably only usually eat a main and either a side or a dessert, rather than the whole lot! It's too easy to be greedy when the food is good...

(In case you're wondering, 'wagamama' is the Japanese word for selfishness, or self-indulgence... Appropriate considering the food, right?)

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