Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Honeycomb Crush!

Last week, Mum and I ended up going to Marram Trading, in Hurstpierpoint, for a cup of tea (and in my case, a piece of cake, because I got up late and hadn't had any breakfast!)

Mum has been there a few times with friends, but it was new to me, so I was eager to find out what they were like.

Marram Trading is part cafe part shop, so when you've finished your tea and cake, you can take a look at the beautiful homewares and accessories on sale!

But I'm getting ahead of myself here. First, the food!

I always opt for tea when I'm in a cafe--I mean, I'm British, and I don't like coffee, so it's the obvious choice, right? It was brought to the table in a simple white teacup, with milk served in a tiny milk bottle (I love those tiny milk bottles!)
The cake I had was called 'Honeycomb Crush' or something; it reminded me of rocky road, but with honeycomb instead of marshmallows! It was super-delicious and I didn't feel a bit guilty that it was my breakfast. ;)

The decor in Marram Trading is simple and somewhat rustic. I liked the daffodils on the tables as they gave the place a fresh, country kitchen kind of feel, which is just perfect in the village!

When it comes to the shop side of things, the products are utterly beautiful, and more importantly they seem really good quality! It was great to see so many lovely things crammed in one room, and I mentally spent a lot of money (on things I have nowhere to put, therefore I didn't buy anything, haha)

There's a vintage popup shop at Marram Trading over the next month, so I may try to nip in there and take a look (and maybe eat more cake...)

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