Thursday, 7 April 2016

Songs from the Ice, Songs from the Sun

This week, I listened to music recommended not by people who know me, but by YouTube and by a magazine (I don't remember which...)
Of course, YouTube makes recommendations according to a user's viewing history, and mine has been a little messed up by all the listening I'm doing for this challenge!
So YouTube's recommendation is similar to acts I've listened to previously, whilst the artist I heard about through a magazine is something I would never have looked up otherwise...

This icelanding rock/metal act was a YouTube recommendation.
The lyrics are not in English, but anyone who has been reading this long enough knows that I'm not put off by this! (I found a translation of the above song here, by the way)
Sólstafir's music has emotive vocals and a great melody and a lot of atmosphere, even without watching the video (which I am doing as I type this!)
However, the videos themselves are worth a watch, particularly the one above. They're very engaging, with narrative and beautiful scenery!
Sólstafir Official Website

Okay, so I seriously cannot remember where I saw a mention of this band for it to end up on my 'to listen' list, other than the fact it was in a magazine. Which kinda sucks, as I like to credit where I heard about these artists!
This indie rock band hails from Spain, though based on what I've heard, they sing in English.
I'm not really keen on their songs at all--the vocals don't do it for me. The vocals are good, but not the style that I like. Still, nosing on their wikipedia page it seems they've impressed music publications and professional musicians, so there must be some merit in what they're creating!
The video I included here doesn't seem to be like the rest of their music videos, which have more of a fun, documentary or home-video style. I picked this one to embed because I liked it better than the others! Feel kind of sorry for 'the man', haha...
HINDS Official Website

Well that's it for this week. Next week, maybe I'll find something a bit different (or maybe not...all depends on where I get recommendations from!)

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