Friday, 1 April 2016

Who Doth Wait Beyond?

"Who Doth Wait Beyond?"

Once again, I'm participating in the challenge at Delightful Aberrations!
I'm going to try and do this every week, though this week I reached Thursday and realised, 'Damn* it's already Thursday and I'm busy until the deadline...'

Anyway, this week I opted to combine the prompts chaos and reality, and came up with the above image.
I created the image using two mirrors, and took the photo using my iPhone, as it's easier to juggle that and a mirror than it is to juggle a DSLR and a mirror!
The outcome was a bit fuzzy, as I'd zoomed right in, but I think that added to the chaotic, doors-through-reality effect.
Didn't edit this much - just adjusted the levels slightly - and shot it in a square format because...the camera app is always left on this setting and I didn't think to change it.
Then I changed it, and took some more pictures, but still liked the square one better.

Hopefully next week I will get photos taken sooner!

*Word may have been stronger than 'Damn'.

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